Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Request for response

Raising a moral child

I had no idea parents had such and influence on there children. It usually seems like kids do the opposite of what there parents tell them. It's pretty cool that just by responding to your a child's mistakes can have such a dramtic affect on how caring and compassionate they are.

Parental involvement is overated

This article challenges what raising a moral child says. It says that parental involvement doesn't really help kids as much as we think. It says that in some cases parental involvement will actually negatively affect a child.

Recover for whom?

This article mostly compared the economy during different generations. It talked about how each generation has been worse off than the last. It talks about how difficult recovering from the recession will be but it's not impossible.

Saving young people from themselves

It's very difficult for the younger generation to save money especially for retirement. Income levels have gone down. Generations are getting poorer and hardly any young people are participating in 401k programs.

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