Friday, March 28, 2014

Lit analysis #3

My book "No Easy Day" by Mark Owen is an autobiography about the authors career as a US Navy SEAL. He goes into a lot of detail about his career serving in the SEAL teams, operations he took part in and the fellow SEALs he served with. The highlight of the authors career was taking part in Operation Neptune Spear, or the Osama Bin Laden raid. The author served for ten years in the Navy. He went to BUD/S right after basic training and joined SEAL Team 5. He served with ST5 for a few years before going through additional training and joining Naval Special Warfare Develepment Group or DEVGRU for short, SEAL Team 6.

Mark Owen most likely wrote this book to shed light on DEVGRU, which very little is known about. DEVGRU is very secretive and information is tightly controlled by the Pentagon. Mark Owen chose to write about his experiences not to give out information about DEVGRU, but to honor the fellow operators that he served with.

I originally chose this book because very little is known about DEVGRU and I wanted to learn more about it because I love learning anything about the military. I found it to be a very interesting book that I had trouble putting down sometimes. The stories he told from BUD/S, green team and his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan were unreal!

Most of the characters from "No Easy Day" were fellow DEVGRU operators that were friends of Mark Owens. All of the names were changed even his own because those men don't want their names leaked to the media, in fear of Al Qaeda reprisals. 3 operators he talks about the most are Charlie, Phil and Steve. Charlie and Mark went through green team together (DEVGRU Training). After graduation they went to separate squadrons. After Phil, who was Mark Owens team leader was shot on a deployment to Afghanistan, Charlie was sent in to be the new team leader. Phil was a good friend of Marks they served with each other at DEVGRU the whole time Mark was their.

The author doesn't describe places that well because they really aren't that hard to imagine. Like mountainous Afghanistan, the Indian Ocean, Virginia and San Diego.

I will never forget a lot of things from this book. Especially the bravery and heroics of DEVGRU operators. The sacrifice those men made is unreal. They went into the most dangerous places in the world to kill terrorists and Taliban fighters to keep us Americans safe. That's why I think everyone should read this book!

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