Monday, August 19, 2013

Reflections on week 1

1. Being able to do my homework on my iPhone or computer is going to make it much easier to get homework done, since I won't need a book or even a pencil or paper.

2. 1 learning experience that I will never forget is when me and my Dad were quail hunting. I was using my 12 gauge shotgun and my Dad was using his 20 gauge. I was reloading and without paying attention a grabbed a handful of 20 gauge shells and started loading my shotgun. The 20 gauges being smaller will slide right down the barrel and if you fire into a shell lodged in the barrel you could easily lose your hand. I had almost finished reloading when my Dad noticed me loading 20 gauge shells and stopped me. Then I had to field strip my shotgun to remove the shotgun shell. It taught me a lesson in not only firearm safety but to pay better attention at all times no matter what I'm doing.

3. I feel like in all my other English classes I've ever taken I haven't really became a better writer. But I honestly thing this class will teach me to be a better writer and thinker.

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