Friday, August 23, 2013

Pros & Cons of Obesity

The first article I read was on and it was titled "Should Schools Send Home Fat Letters". It talked about how 21 states have already made policies of sending home fat letters in their schools. Massachusetts was the only state where there was a real problem about the letters. The article also states that the letters can be informative, non-judge mental and resource focused.

The American Academy of Pediatrics was also a major supporter of the schools that sent home fat letters. The American Academy of Pediatrics championed schools that sent out the letters because they believe that the letters can be very effective in helping overweight children lose weight by notifying the parents who convince them to make lifestyle changes.

Another article I read about fat letters was on It said that the fat letters can back fire depending on how the child's parents react to finding out they have an overweight child. Also that the singling out of overweight kids can cause future problems for them such as food addiction and eating disorders.

The last article I read was on it was titled "Toronto schools won't send fat letters home". Schools in Toronto, Canada decided to start recording there students body mass index. But it's only for statistical purposes. Fat letters won't be sent home and parents won't be notified if there child is overweight. The children can be notified but only if they request it.

My conclusion on schools sending home fat letters is that they are a good idea they can lead to children being motivated to lose weight. People just need to be less sensitive, realize that they have a problem and make some lifestyle changes for there own good.

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