Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vocabulary #5

Tactics: an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.
Artillery: includes any engine used for the discharge of large projectiles in war.
Ambush: carrying out a surprise attack on your enemy's.
Breach: a gap in fortified or battle lines.
Dust off: a medical evacuation using a helicopter.
Flank: to attack the enemy from the side.
Infantry: soldiers who fight the enemy on foot.
Patrolling: walking or driving around enemy territory looking for enemy combatants to fight.
Reconnaissance: a mission to obtain information on the enemy.
Airborne: infantryman that enter battle from jumping out of airplanes.
Air Assault: infantryman that enter battle using helicopters.
Declassify: to remove the secret classification on Intel.
Maneuver: a large movement of military forces.
Medical officer: physician in the military.
Raid: a short duration strike against an enemy force.
Rangers: elite army special ops soldiers, trained mainly to conduct direct action raids.
Rate of fire: the number of rounds fired from a weapon per minute.
Cache: a hidden source of supplies.
Campaign: a series of major operations during war time.
CASEVAC: casualty evacuation of a wounded serviceman.

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