Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Literature analysis #5

My book "Breaking Buds" by Mark Owens is all about U.S. Navy SEAL training, which is called BUDS. The book mainly focuses on going into every little detail about BUDS and how to make it easier for someone who is considering on attending BUDS. The author talks about every phase of BUDS and what to expect, he talks about barracks inspections, hell week and even how to take better care of your equipment while in BUDS.

           I chose to write about it because I thought it was very well written and very detailed and informative and at times really funny.

           The author chose to write about BUDS because he was a Navy SEAL and he has a lot of knowledge of their training and he wanted to give people advice for graduating from BUDS.

Characters weren't really that important in this book. He mostly talked about the training, but he did mention people in his BUDS class and mistakes they made or things that they did good, but he never mentioned any of their names.

          I remember one guy he wrote about, he was one of the best runners in the entire class and also one of the first guys to drop out of the class. Another guy was one of the strongest men in the class he could bench, squat and deadlift way more than anyone in the class. But he was week mentally and he quit very early in the first phase of BUDS.

          The author only describes one place and the whole book takes place their, that is Naval Base Coranado in Coranado California. All of BUDS takes place their so that is really the only place he goes into detail about.

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