Monday, September 30, 2013

Literature Analysis #2

My book No Easy Day by Mark Owen is about a U.S. Navy SEAL and his entire 10 year career of service to our nation. The book centers around the authors time in SEAL Team Six and his his participation in the raid on Osama Bin Ladens compound in Pakistan. But most of the book is about his career prior to the raid. The author had nearly a dozen deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan before the raid, and his career ended when he left the Navy soon after the raid.

The author chose to write about his Navy career and the Bin Laden Raid because their was a lot of misinformation about the mission afterward coming from people that didn't know anything about it. The author wrote the book to set the record straight about the Bin Laden raid and SEAL Team Six.

The reason I chose to read this book was because I'm joining the military and I hope to one day join a special ops unit and I thought the book was really interesting because it was written  by a SEAL Team Six member.

I found the book to be pretty realistic even though some of the stuff the men in the book went through were pretty incredible. I wasn't able to make many connections between my life and theirs because theirs are so different than mine. The things they go through on a daily basis are way different than what I go through.

A few characters from the book that the author talks a lot about is Phil and Steve those aren't their real names he had to change them because their lives could be at risk if their names are released. They all went through their training together prior to joining SEAL Team Six, so they were really close by the time they joined the team. He doesn't really go into detail about their lives other than physical aspects. He says their both very tall large framed guys they both have thick beards to like a lot of special ops guys do.

The author used a journalistic style he just talked about the places he had been to and the things he did. The author is a round character. I feel like I knew the character pretty well after reading his book.

I will never forget what I read in No Easy Day. The kinds of things that the author and his fellow SEALs did for this country is incedible and I will never forget their stories and sacrifices.

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